Interview With Carrie Lee Schwartz

“In all areas of my studies, I was working with light…either in glass, or on the computer screen or with photography.”        -Carrie Lee Schwartz

1. What was your major at RISD? 


2. How did you connect to the working world? (what have you done since graduation? Internships, jobs, networking, online resources?)

After working in internships in NYC I  moved back to LA and reconnected to what inspires me most- Southeast Louisiana and its wild natural state.  I also realized that there was a tremendous need here- so I began teaching as well.  I started the first computing in the Arts class at the old NOCCA on Perrier street,  and participated in the planning of the new one.  

I also created courses that lead to the creation of the Digital design degree at  Tulane University.


3. What would you advise undergrads to do now, to be best prepared later on?

There are so many amazing people at RISD.  Find them, ask them what they are doing and why and then LISTEN to them as well as observing what they do. 

Ask everyone  you can and then make your own path.  

4. How well do you think RISD prepared you for the working world and do you have any suggested improvements for your former department at RISD?

RISD Prepared me for being an artist  in many ways- Having the ability to work on the APPLE /IBM project and in the Market House & Mac Center at the time was phenomenal. Attending RISD & the Glass dept.  as well as the Graduate Program and the First Art  and Computing class taught at both RISD and BROWN gave me  the freedom to explore my soul purpose as a creative being. It gave me incredible freedom- but not without self discipline. RISD honed my analytical and critical thinking skills… To question what I  perceived as art or expression or being an artist.  It allowed me space and time  to reflect on the work,  and to go beyond what I thought was possible in many materials- especially digital media at the time- and to always look further once I thought the work was done.. as it never really is.. and to get used to that.  

To the glass dept- keep up the great work ! and maybe think about keeping bees on the roof of Metcalf, as you can have fresh beeswax  for glass working and help support the pollinators.. ; )

5. Is the job you have now what you imagined you would be doing?

In all areas of my studies, I was working with light- and how the materials interacted with light as form. So either in  glass, or on the computer screen or with photography-  I am still working with light and form. I am and always have been inspired by  Nature and especially the wild Louisiana Landscape- so living in Southeast Louisiana is not a surprise.


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